Online English Speaking Club with a British Native Speaker

Are you not getting enough English speaking practise? Time to join an online English speaking club using Skype and Zoom. Let's start speaking today. Oh, yeah, and it's FREE!

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Small Numbers


Upcoming Online English Speaking Clubs

Below you can see the English speaking clubs for this month. Remember each online English conversation club is hosted by a professional CELTA trained English native speaker from England.

All times are Kyiv time
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Speaking Club TopicDate and TimeMinimum LevelMaximum Student NumbersPriceRegister
Education 6th Oct Thursday 21:00Intermediate+6/6FREECLOSED
Food8th Oct Saturday 12:00Intermediate+0/4£7OPEN
Age8th Oct Saturday 13:00Upper-Int+0/4£7OPEN
My Country9th Oct Sunday 10:00Intermediate+2/6FREEOPEN 
Cities14th Oct Friday 20:00Intermediate+0/6FREECLOSED
English15th Oct Saturday 12:00Intermediate+0/4£7OPEN
Pictures15th Oct Saturday 13:00Upper-Int+0/4£7OPEN
The Future16th Oct Sunday 10:00Intermediate+0/6FREECLOSED
All About Me20th Oct Friday 20:00Elementary+0/20FREEOPEN
Celebrations21st Oct Saturday 12:00Intermediate+0/4£7OPEN
Environment21st Oct Saturday 13:00Upper-Int+0/4£7OPEN
Hobbies22nd Oct Sunday 10:00Intermediate+0/6FREECLOSED
Travel22nd Oct Sunday 11:00Elementary/Pre-int0/6FREECLOSED

Online English Speaking Courses

Join a group of just 4 people for 4 weeks and meet twice a week on Zoom to practise speaking English on different topics with an English native speaker. Find out more about the upcoming groups below. 

Start dateDays/times
How oftenLevelWeeksPriceRegister
31st OctoberMon - Weds - 2pmTwice a week Advanced4£50More Info
31st OctoberMon - Weds - 3pm Twice a week Elementary+4£50More Info
1st NovemberTues - Thurs - 8pmTwice a weekIntermediate4£50More info
1st NovemberTues - Thurs - 9pmTwice a weekUpper-Int4£50More Info

English speaking clubs are a great way to practise your speaking skills and improve on your confidence and fluency. But why should you choose this online English conversation club....


Professional Structure

Each online speaking club isn't just a random chat about a topic, but each speaking club has been planned and structured by a professional to provide engaging questions ready for a high-quality English speaking club


Small Groups 

Numbers of each speaking club are limited. This is to allow for everyone to speak and give their opinions and thoughts on the topic that is being discussed. You don't have to worry about missing out


Meet People

You probably won't know the other people in the conversation club, but you will. You'll find out all about their likes, dislikes, and what they really think about things. You might even become friends.


Native Speaker

The host is an English native speaker from England. He has over 10 years experience teaching English and is CELTA qualified. You can expect professionalism and nice-natural-native English

How does it work?

The first thing to do

Find a topic that interests you

Take a look at the table above and find a topic that interests you. Make sure you check the minimum level and that your English ability meets this. Click register and fill in the details on the form that pops up to declare your interest in the online English speaking club.  

If you are unsure if your level of English isn't right for the speaking club, it's best to choose a lower speaking club to be safe. You can take a quick 5-part quiz here if you are unsure of your level.  

The next thing

After you register your interest in a speaking club

I will contact you by email with more information about the speaking club along with options on how you can make payment to reserve your place. Your place will only be confirmed once payment has been received. Depending on your country, you will be able to make payment by bank transfer / card payment / mobile top-up / PayPal. If you sign-up for a FREE speaking club, you won't need to make payment, so you'll just need your confirmation email. 

And finally 

Before the conversation club begins...

Make sure your internet connection is stable* and you are familiar with using Skype and Zoom. If the online English speaking club uses Zoom or Skype you will either be sent a link to the speaking club or you will be invited to a Skype call.

Right now all online English speaking clubs use Zoom

*refunds will not be given if you have problems with your internet connection

I have a few questions....

  • What program do you use?
    Skype and Zoom is used for the speaking club. Right now all English speaking clubs are using Zoom. 
  • How many people will be on the call?
    Numbers are kept small to allow for a more intimate speaking club and to give everyone the chance to speak. Numbers are usually 4 - 6. If 2 people sign-up for the speaking club, there will only be 2.
  • How can I pay?
    Depending which country you are from you can pay by bank transfer / card payment / mobile top-up / PayPal
  • Can I have a free trial?
    Sure, there are FREE English speaking clubs each week. Just sign-up for one of them, and it will be FREE. No payment needed.
  • What timezone are the times?
    Times are Kyiv time and if you're wondering what time is is now, just click here.
  • I signed-up but, I haven't received an email from you
    Check your 'spam' folder just in-case it has been sent there. Replies will only be sent to those who complete the register form properly.
  • Why does it say CLOSED next to the speaking club I want to register for?
    If you see CLOSED next to your speaking club, that means it is already full and is not accepting any new people. If it says CLOSED next to a FREE speaking club that is going to happen, this just means registration is not open yet. We don't open registration for all FREE conversation clubs at one time because we want everyone to have the chance to sign up. 
  • I missed the speaking club because of my internet, can I get a refund. 
    Unfortunately, we can not give refunds because of your internet problems. If the problem is on our end, then yes you can have a refund or go to another speaking club
  • Do I have to use my webcam?
    No, you don't. Each English speaking club has been planned, so there is a PPT - presentation - which will be displayed on the screen. That will be our main focus, not your webcam.
  • Who is the host?
    You can find out more about the host here
  • Can I arrange an online English speaking club for my company?
    Yes. You can read all about the importance of having an English speaking club in your company and the possibility of arranging one here.
  • Do you do individual speaking clubs?
    It is possible to have an individual conversational lesson or a lesson for you and a friend, so get in contact if that's something you're interested in. 
  • Can I sign up for more than one speaking club?
    You can sign up for as many paid speaking clubs as you like, but you can only sign up for one FREE speaking club a week. This is done to give everyone a chance to attend a FREE online English conversation club. 


If you have any questions about anything regarding the online English speaking club, then feel free to send me an email, message or call. 

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