What's the difference between everything?

You've heard or seen about FREE English Speaking Clubs, The BiG English Speaking club, Paid Conversation Clubs, and even English Speaking Courses, but what is the difference between them all I hear you ask yourself. Don't worry, it's simple...

The BiG English Speaking Club

These type of speaking clubs are bigger in numbers which allows more people to join and gives more people the chance to practise their English speaking skills.

The biggest difference in this type of speaking club is there is no host directing the conversation and asking the questions like in the FREE speaking clubs with smaller numbers. 

The host is there, but he is there just to organise the speaking club. He will always welcome you at the start and then explain the topic and how to use the material which will be on the slides on the screen. You and the people in your group will basically go and 'host' yourself using the help of the material that is provided on the screen.

After the host welcomes you and explains how to use the material, you will then be sent to a room with 4-5 other people and this will be your group for the topic for the next 60 minutes. You will always have 5 minutes at the start to introduce yourself to the other people in the room before the topic of the speaking club officially starts. 

This is a nice and natural format of meeting and speaking to people on a certain topic. 

FREE English Speaking Clubs

These speaking clubs are limited in numbers to just 7, so you need to be quick to register your place as all places can go in fewer than 24 hours. They are hosted by a British native speaker who will direct the conversation club by asking people in the group questions, and follow up questions on what they said. The native host will also take-part in the discussion, but YOU and you SPEAKING is the most important thing. This is the objective of the host, to make sure you get many opportunities to SPEAK! and use your English.

You and the group will have an in-depth conversation about the topic of the speaking club and while the native speaker host will be directing the questions to the people in the group, you can at any time, press the 'raise your hand emoji' and the native speaker will come to you after someone has finished speaking, and then you can add something to what someone was saying, add your own opinion, or simply ask the person who was speaking something directly. If nobody is waiting to add something, the host will randomly choose people for a question, so be ready...

As these speaking clubs are FREE, they are limited in topics and you may notice the same topics keep appearing on the FREE speaking club list. 'Travel' again! This is to give as many people out there the chance to attend and use and practise speaking English. 

It's also an opportunity to give you a taste of how the format works just in case you are interested in joining an English Speaking Course or PAID Speaking Clubs which offer more topics. 

PAID English Speaking Course

The PAID English speaking club is exactly as the FREE English speaking clubs, but with two big differences. 1. The numbers are limited to just 3 people, which obviously allows for more speaking opportunities, and 2. The topics are not limited, so certain topics like Men & Women, Crime, Age, The Future that you won't see in the FREE speaking clubs will be talked about at a paid speaking club. 

Online English Speaking Course

These run exactly like the FREE and PAID speaking clubs, but are limited in a group size of just 3 or 4 people. This group will also be closed, meaning once it has started, no other people will join it for the rest of the course. The English speaking course runs twice a week over a 4 week period with a new one beginning at the start of each month, that said, at different times of the year there may be intensive English speaking courses which will run 3 times a week or even 5!!! Topics of each new Online English Speaking Course will be changed when a new one begins, so if you want to continue for another month, 8 x 60 minute speaking sessions, you can without worrying about the same topics coming up. 

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