What the f*@k does B1 mean?

OK, calm down, you've seen all those crazy numbers and letters on the schedule for the online English speaking club you want to join, but you're not sure what they mean. Let me try and explain...

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What do all those letters and numbers actually mean?

There is a thing called CEFR and it stands for The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It's basically a set of can and can't dos for someone who is learning or speaks a language. It's a way of assessing someone's language skills and it's used by language schools, universities, and employers around the world to gage the language skills of their students and employees.

There are six levels ranging from A1 (beginner) all the way to C2 (proficient) and they look like this... 

A1 - Beginner: At this level, you can understand and use simple expressions and phrases related to familiar topics such as personal information, shopping, or food. You can also introduce yourself and ask and answer simple questions about yourself.

A2 - Elementary: At this level, you can understand and use simple sentences related to everyday situations such as shopping, traveling, or describing your hobbies. You can also communicate in basic social situations, such as asking for directions or ordering food.

A2+ - Pre-intermediate: This isn't an official number in the CEFR, but as you can guess it is in the middle of A2 and B1. 

B1 - Intermediate: At this level, you can understand and use more complex language structures related to a wide range of topics such as work, travel, or current events. You can express your opinions and ideas, and participate in discussions on familiar topics.

B2 - Upper-Intermediate: At this level, you can understand and use complex language structures related to a variety of topics such as literature, politics, or science. You can communicate fluently and spontaneously, and express your opinions clearly and in detail.

C1 - Advanced: At this level, you can understand and use complex language structures related to abstract and complex topics such as philosophy, politics, or academic subjects. You can communicate effectively and accurately, and express yourself with ease in a variety of situations.

C2 - Proficient: At this level, you have a near-native/native level of proficiency in the language. You can understand and use the language with ease and accuracy, and express yourself with nuance and subtlety.

We understand that depending on the situation and setting your level might be assessed as lower, it happens, but don't beat yourself up about it. Keep going and your true level will shine through.