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English is a world language, and so is football!  

This type of speaking club known as 'The Football Speaking Club" is all about one subject, the beautiful game, also known as football, calcio or that very very dirty word, soccer..

If you're not a fan of football, this definitely is not the subject for you as for 60 minutes we will only be talking about one thing. It is very important that you have a genuine interest in the game and some general knowledge of it too. 

The English native host who is also an Arsenal supporter will lead this speaking club with 6 other football fans including YOU as we talk about everything from who and why we support a team to our first football shirt all the way to our predictions for the weekend fixtures.

A structured FREE English speaking club about a topic you love! English is the international language of the world, and so is football. Let's put them together and have an interesting conversation. 

The next Football Speaking Club is on: 11th July Thursday 5pm

This speaking club is open to anyone who is intermediate and higher. You MUST have a genuine interest in football and be aware with what is going on in the football world. 

If you have any questions, please get in contact

You can sign up for the speaking club here