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Something New for 24/25

For the new 24/25 academic year all of our FREE English speaking clubs which are hosted by a British native speaker will be taking a new approach to each session, which will give you more opportunities to speak and to speak to other people directly. 

As you might already know, our approach has always been the native speaker leads the conversation, asking  the questions and then choosing who answers, and of course following up on the answer before choosing another person. Does this work? Yeah, it does, pretty well, but we want you to get more chances to speak rather than wait to be chosen to speak

That's why we are going for a different approach for each session this year which will look like the following...

You join and are welcomed by the native speaking host.
Everyone briefly introduces themselves. Name, where you're from, and... the colour of your socks.
The native speaker then introduces the topic and shows you 2-3-4 questions to get started.
You will then be sent to a breakroom with another person to talk about these questions for around 7 minutes.
The native speaker will then bring you back into the main room and ask a few people for their answers and again ask follow up questions based on the answers.
The native speaker will then ask a new question to the group, so this will work just like 'the old days'. 
Then you'll see another 2-3-4 questions and head back to the breakout rooms, but this time with someone new.

We think this way of doing things will be more practical for YOU and also more beneficial. This approach will only be during the FREE Online English Speaking Clubs hosted by a native speaker. The BiG English Speaking Club will run as they always have, and Paid Speaking Clubs, and the conversation clubs in the Online English Speaking Course will still be led without breakout rooms by the native speaker because the group size is only 3!!!!

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